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First post!


Let me jump right into it and say this is a blog about my personal experience with mental illness. I hope to sort of chronicle my daily life as a person living with mental illness and how I cope (or don’t). Whereas I recently started a twitter and instagram account to give my own opinion on stigmas surrounding mental illness and raise awareness, this is purely my story. A 27 year old girl with real life responsibilities that would most likely have a hard time navigating the world, and then throw on some faulty hard-wiring. If no one reads this, it will still be a therapeutic outlet for me. If one person reads this, I hope you enjoy it. If someone reads this and needs help, I implore them to reach out to myself or anyone at all. There may be days when I don’t post because I am holed up in bed, but there would never be a day that I wouldn’t be there for someone in need.