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Went back to work today after 2 weeks of being off. I work per diem so it wasn’t an intentional time off, they just didn’t need me. But oh what a joy it was!!! It was really tough getting back into the work groove. Couldn’t sleep last night, chest tightness, hot and cold sweats, sick to my stomach, Xanax at the ready… it’s crazy how mental illness can manifest itself so greatly in physical forms. My alarm went off at 6:05am and after a brief snooze, I begrudgingly got up. To be honest, once I got through the initial torture of waking up and made it to work.. I was kind of happy to be there! Spending so much time in the house sounds amazing but in reality, it isn’t always the best idea. The more I stay in, the less I want to leave and I just disconnect more and more from the real world. I’m not saying today was easy breezy by any means… but it felt good to get out there and spread my metaphorical wings. 🦋



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